Sunday, August 15, 2010

Home Schooling Again

Well after 2 years off, we are homeschooling again. Why the change you ask? or not....well honestly it is a combination of a few things. My 3rd grader will be the only one "officially" schooling this year, although a 4 year old and 2 year old are also in the mix. After 2 years at a private school we see that we simply can not afford it. Also, we found that the school we were at, although wonderful in many ways, was not all that different than the public school system we could be attending for we are home again. I am excited in a lot of ways for this year, and in other ways a bit terrified. The logistics of it all, the fleshing it out, what will it really look like, for an orginazational freak like me is a bit overwhelming. But, I am trusting the Lord, I believe that this year can be a really good year for all of us, a year of building closeness and memories and getting a very rich education as well.
We decided to switch preschools for our 4 year old also. I went for convenience and cost over strong Christian curriculum. I am trusting that at home we can continue to build on the wonderful foundation that has already been laid. So 3 days a week I can walk my 4 year old down the street instead of packing all 3 kids in the car to drive 15 minutes away by 8 am........I am finding that simplifying is sometimes a necessity. :)

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  1. I think that it is wonderful that you are going to be homeschooling again. I know that is where your heart is. I alos read your blog about early intervention. Keiana did the same thing. After she qualified for services she started to say a few words. She oly had services for about 1 year.